The town looks more like the set of a disaster film than a place to call home. Floodwaters creep into embattled houses as families flee onto roofs, desperately trying to keep their children warm against the rain. They face the destruction of their homes, and wonder where – if – they can find food and shelter for the night. A few miles away, exhausted aid workers push themselves to work in the shelter just one more hour; to give food to one more family.


The storm eventually settles, leaving communities to contemplate the seemingly endless efforts required for recovery. Then, the unthinkable happens: another storm strikes, this time only a few states away.


Even considered individually, hurricanes Irma and Harvey were once-in-a-lifetime disasters. Homes cherished for decades were wiped out in the span of a few days, and hundreds of victims are left wondering what to do with the damage. Americans across the country need to step up, and help those left uncertain after the storm. I’ve compiled a list of organizations well-worth your time and support below; please consider donating to aid their efforts.



Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston

Houston Food Bank

Houston Humane Society



Heart of Florida United Way

Neighborhood Health Clinic

Volunteer Florida

Miami Humane Society



Those aiding hurricane victims in both locations are in constant need of supplies. If you are able to provide even a few of these much-needed products to aid organizations or shelters on-site, please consider doing so.


Non-Perishable Food

Many of those affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma don’t have access to stocked grocery and convenience stores, much less the means to cook any food they might buy. Please consider donating canned, boxed, or dry goods to aid organizations in Florida and Texas. Shelters need to feed thousands of people every day; even a few donations add up to make a considerable difference.



Drinkable water is difficult to come by after a hurricane. Please consider donating sealed water bottles.


Seasonally-Appropriate Clothing

Those who flee a natural disaster don’t have time to pack a heavy suitcase. Donations of clean, dry clothing are always appreciated. Please note that while clothing may be lightly worn, undergarments should always be new and delivered in their packaging.


Children’s Supplies

Parents with young children often can’t carry their child, bags, and cartload of baby supplies with them through a storm. Donated diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, car seats, play pens, and toys are necessary for parents who can’t access their supplies at home.


For more information and an exhaustive list of necessary items, please visit the City of Houston Information Center’s website.


This crisis isn’t one that communities can ride out alone. Please consider donating funds or goods today; even a small contribution can make a considerable difference to those in need.