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Why Saint Jude’s Needs YOU, And So Do the Children

If your heart cracks when you hear terrible stories about preschoolers having chemo when they should be having nothing but fun; if you think the teams of doctors and scientists working tirelessly to end childhood disease deserve the means to continue research and healing; and if you believe in making a difference, support Saint Jude’s philanthropic efforts.

A Second Chance at a Bright Future: Education for All

Did you know that almost 200,000 students have been denied much-needed federal student aid for college, all because of a one-time mistake? Allen Curreri wants to change that, and give every student the education they deserve.

Feel Good and Do Good: How to Run for A Great Cause

It’s not hard to see why people are drawn in droves to charity runs; the leg-pumping, heart-thumping rush of endorphins, coupled with knowing your sweat and short breath aren’t in vain, but for a great cause — It’s enough to entice any exercise enthusiast.

Beat the Heat! Keeping Safe on a Summer Run

Allen Curreri provides a few tips on how runners can stay safe during the hot summer months.

You Can Help Hurricane Relief Efforts

Allen Curreri suggests a few worthy organizations to support in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

6 Beautiful Running Trails Near Atlanta

Countless beautiful trails wind through the landscape of Atlanta. Often paved and easy to tread, these trails are perfect for runners in search of fresh air. Allen Curreri shares a few of his favorite spots.

Work Out for a Cheerful Day

Allen Curreri explains how regularly working out benefits your mental health.

Tips for Building a Balanced Workout

Runner Allen Curreri suggest a few tips for building a more balanced workout routine.

5 (Sort Of) Selfish Reasons to Volunteer

Lifelong volunteer Allen Curreri provides a few reasons why you should give your time for a cause.

Running for the Holidays: Not the Advice You Expect

Runner Allen Curreri explains why you shouldn’t feel bad about letting your training regime slip during the holiday season.

Four Great Ways to Give (That Aren’t Monetary)

Allen Curreri suggests four ways you can give to the charitable organizations in your community.