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Why I Support the Ronald McDonald House of Atlanta

Having a child in the hospital is a parent’s nightmare. Struggling through the day-to-day battles against a child’s illnesses takes strength – and often, parents don’t have enough energy or resources remaining to care for themselves. The Ronald McDonald House Charities understand how difficult it is to support a hospitalized loved one, and thereby dedicate themselves to resolving practical problems for parents with ill children.

Beat the Heat! Staying Safe on Summer Runs

It’s one of those golden summer days, the perfect ones. The sun shines golden in a cloudless blue sky, and there’s a faint warm breeze weaving through the screen door. All you want to do is lace up your sneakers and head out for a run – but it’s noontime and you...

Why St. Jude’s Needs You, and So Do Thousands of Children

If your heart cracks when you hear terrible stories about preschoolers having chemo when they should be having nothing but fun; if you think the teams of doctors and scientists working tirelessly to end childhood disease deserve the means to continue research and healing; if you plan on donating any funds whatsoever in support of charitable causes, then please consider acting in support of the people who are right now trying to confine to history one tragic, terrible fact: the fact that millions of kids still suffer debilitating, life-ending sickness. Please consider supporting St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

A Second Chance at a Bright Future: My Vision for A New Charity

What did you worry about in college? Many students lose sleep over whether their degree is marketable, and how they will pay off their student loan debt. Those of us who have lived through it know that these are are legitimate concerns — but they’re also lucky ones. There are many more young adults and teens out there, ones you never hear about, who want nothing more than the chance to worry over repaying their student loans.

Running for the Holidays: Not the Advice You Expect

It’s almost the holidays! It’s the perfect time good food and better company, a time for generosity, good cheer, friends, and family. It’s also the perfect time to let your training schedule lapse just a little bit. You read that right – I’m not just saying you’ll be forgiven if you fall a little short, I’m actually arguing that you should make sure you do.

5 (Sort Of) Selfish Reasons to Volunteer

Most of us take up volunteering out of a desire to do good for others — I know I did. There are more than enough reasons why we should help each other out and if it is also a deeply meaningful and valuable experience in my own life, well, that’s just the icing on the cake. Like so many people who dedicate part of their time and energy to others, however, I don’t hesitate to say that I’ve gotten back so much more than I ever gave.

It’s Time! How to Get Pumped for Winter Running

Have you noticed that new chill in the morning air? Winter is coming, like it or not, and that means we’re heading into the most difficult time to motivate yourself to run. If you don’t want to lose all the progress you’ve made training this summer, now is the time to start preparing!